Teddy coat

How cute is this teddycoat from Lindex, I love the colour and the oversized fit of it! But I didn't bring it home with me because I feel I have to wait and see what other brands will bring out and it's not on my prio-list for my capsule wardrobe!
Here I am, with a trendpiece when all I talk about now is a capsule wadrobe. Ofcourse there will be some trend pieces in mine from season to season. But the mainly reason I want to build me a capsule wardrobe is simply because I've been making more bad purchases rather than good in my days, not latley, but still. I've seriosly had issues with shopping. I've been buying waaay to much and then tossed it or gave it away after one or two times use and I just feel like I don't wanna live like that anymore because of the enviorment and my wallet. So trends comes and goes, but if you have classics in your wardrobe you'll se how much wear you'll get out of your clothes. I feel like i rather want to invest in pieces with good quality, and by that I don't mean that I'll only by expensive clothes, H&M have a great premium quality section and Everlane is both quality and sustainable and I also have to mention Lindex (my employer) have a great focus on sustainability when the clothes being made, the pieces doesn't last for too long though, but it's not bad quality! For me, my capsule wardrobe will be very basic with neutral tones such as beige, grey, brown, black and white and lots of denim, maybe that sounds boring to some of you, and thats okey, but I'll make my twists and edge to it with accessorising - but my wardrobe is based on this and as I said, there will be some kind of trend sewn in to it, but not too much. So what you need to start by doing is to ask yourself; what colours do I love, and what colours really suits me? What do I always reach for in my wardrobe? What makes me feel comftroble and confident? And you just go from there!
I'm not gonna translate to swedish today, I hope thats okey (I will do it on every capsule wardrobe series though!) I wish you a lovely evening, and also I apologize for all the misspelling yesterday, I might have some today as well.