Time for autumn.

Hey guys, so summer and vacation for 2019 is now a time to remember. Even if we didn't have great weather most of the time I'm still so ready for autumn. It's the cosiest time of the year (after christmas holiday!) I just love yo snuggle up in the sofa with a cup of tea, lit candles and lots of movies and series. But what I love most about autumn is fashion, or I mean clothes, fashion is not the right word, fashion is a huge word, so lets stick with clothing, hehe! And while we're on that subject I will soon post a ''Five autumn trends that I say yay to, and five I say nay to'' I'm still working on it though, it's pretty hard to narrow it down to five each. Well I should get in the shower and then call the night with a ''La casa de papel'' episode, I'm hooked on that show! Wish you a lovely evening.
blazer, jeans and sunglasses H&M, t-shirt and earrings Lindex, shoes Mango, bag Chanel (vintage), watch Daniel Wellington